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Sung Hoang

Sung Hoang

Who am I

Sung is a content marketer and SEO specialist with a passion for artificial intelligence.

What I do

Sung helps small business owners and individuals grow their audience and increase their revenue through highly effective content-led SEO strategies.

What I believe

Everything starts with your audience. Your entire business revolves around that matter - hence, know your customers.

But how did I get here?

I once read an article from Dan Koe, in which he revealed the “secret” we’ve all been looking for.

It went something like this:

“One meaningful project.
One hour of focused work.
One day at a time, without waver”

It’s brief, but deep. I couldn’t help but grasp the meaning of Dan’s quote by reflecting back on my entire past digital career. Paradoxically, by doing so I discovered its truth in an oddly counterpart fashion –

The secret to meaningful achievement lies not in jumping between multiple projects that you are not ready to take on yet. It does not lie in overworking for 1 week straight and then taking a break for 1 month because you were too overwhelmed. And it certainly does not lie in rushing the process because you are too impatient to get the results you would like to have, and then end up quitting because you couldn’t see through.

Yup – To sum up: That was my experience all along and because of that I truly believe this concept of Dan Koe.

I’ve always loved the sentiment of Lifestyle design, being able to live your life according to your terms. The concept of remote work and digital nomadism have inspired me ever since I finished High School back in 2015 and studied abroad afterwards in the USA and England for one year. It was the dream to travel around the globe, to explore new cultures while getting paid. The desire to have the freedom and ability to work from anywhere you want and when you want, has never left me since.

So, driven by the idea of self-determination through online entrepreneurship, I dived into multiple endeavors throughout my past.
And as you might already anticipate…, they have failed terribly.

It all started back in 2017 when I first saw one of those so-called “Online Gurus” who tried to convince you to start a Dropshipping Business, which requires no money upfront and “LiTeRaLlY AnY BeGiNneR” can make 10.000 Dollars within their first 3 months. Even though their claims had little to no ground, i must confess: their sales and persuasion skills are top-notch!

So, eager to fulfill my long-awaited wish, I delved into the subject without second thought and no healthy sense of what it really takes to succeed in this online venture.
Long story, short:
I wasted my time, effort and a couple hundred bucks to set everything up.
It’s not that the business model doesn’t work and it’s not that I didn’t try my best, but I was too delusional in terms of difficulty level and there was no foreseeable outcome in sight (at least back at that time).
So after 3 months of making no sales, I quit Dropshipping.

But as the desire to make money online was not going to go away, i took on another venture after a little break from the first defeat.
This one actually brought me somewhat of a success.

Still lingering in the E-Commerce space, i launched an online merchandise on Ebay. I used to source products and goods from the local asian shopping center in my hometown and sold them on Ebay.
Another long story, short:
I earned additional pocket money on the side for almost a year, but not really worth mentioning, let alone fulfilling my dream of making an entire living off of it.

After a long-haul grind of unequal relation between input and output, I decided to let go in 2020.

Around that same time is when I discovered Crypto, Trading & Investment, and so shall my next failed endeavor start.

That is when I got to experience for the first time how it is, to make money fast and in a disproportional manner. Having multiple friends and people in my circle being deep in this space, we built a community of synergy. Pooling resources and knowledge together, we built up our portfolios fast and I was in my own state of gold rush, specially after my first two puny forays into online business. My dream of being able to live off “wifi money” seemed then so close enough to touch.
But as life likes to strike back when you least expect it, I lost a great portion of my assets because of sudden events, which no one was able to predict (FTX Crash). The exchange on which I had stored a lot of my assets went bankrupt. In attempt to recover the loss quickly, I took on higher risks. My risk-management basically flew out the window and as a result, my trading career entered a downward spiral from there on and my balance shrank even further.

Branded by this experience, I now diversify my portfolio across multiple “safe” assets like ETFs and leave it like this.
I keep my hands off leverage trading – Don’t pick stocks my friends.
Remember: “The higher the reward, the higher the risk.”
“The bigger the Top, the steeper the drop.”

But also do know: “The bigger the base, the higher in space.”

Whatever you attempt to pursue, build a big base!
And what i mean is building a solid foundation about a project you are working on and deem meaningful, having the perseverance to push through hardships and being willing to put in focused work day after day even if the desired outcome is not visible at first glance. (Dan Koe’s Secret)

I had to learn it the hard way through a repetitive cycle of failures. But I am glad I went through all of this, because without them I wouldn’t know.
Mistakes can be blessings in disguise, if you treat them the right way.
Every mistake is an opportunity to learn.
So make as many mistakes as possible, but don’t make one twice.

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